It's time for our 2023 Elections. Please submit your nominations no later than May 30th. Polls will then open June 2nd and will remain open for 1 week, closing on June 9th. Elected board members will then be alerted via individual email, and then announced in our July newsletter. Elected members are strongly encouraged to attend our in-person board retreat on Sat. July 29th from 10-4 (details to be announced closer to the date). 

Requirements for ALL Board Officers/Chairpersons: 

  • Officers must be fully licensed LCSW holders
  • Terms are 2 year terms. (This. year there are 2 positions that have remained open, thus have 1 year left on their term)
  • Must be a member of NCSCSW
  • Board members are to attend a minimum of 9 out of our 11 annual meetings. (We currently meet on the 2nd Thu. of the month from 6:30-8, but this can be up for vote at the onset of each new board.) 

Things to note:

The NCSCSW board is made up 100% of VOLUNTEERS. If you see them giving a CE presentation, they do that for free as board officers/members are not allowed to be paid. If you see them organizing events - they volunteered for these positions and roles! WE NEED YOU! We need more volunteers who are able and willing to support the organization and this field in growing and ensuring are members are informed and provided with resources. 

We are NOT NASW. We support and encourage you to get involved in NASW IF you are looking for immediate legal support, immediate advocacy opportunities and/or folks who are paid to provide more immediate answers to your questions. 


Nominate yourself for a position! We have not had an advocacy chair in some time. If you really want to provide education, resources, and opportunities for NCSCSW to grow in it's advocacy efforts - get involved! We'd love to have you!! Our current board has been stepping up and filling in positions as best we are able, but we would LOVE to have your support. If you don't feel quite ready for a full officer position. Feel free to join a committee! We will send more info out about committee's, after we see what positions have been filled. 

As always, thank you for reading our emails, attending trainings, and voicing your needs and opinions. We are hoping to create more meaningful trainings, and connection opportunities in the coming months and years.  

2 year positions up for election:

President - Currently held by Brittney Asch, LCSW, LCAS - who is running for a 2nd term


  • Oversees and coordinates the functioning of the Society.  This includes formatting and articulating goals and priorities.
  • Preside over all Board meetings.
  • Plans an agenda for each Board meeting and solicits agenda items from board members.  This includes checking with Board members concerning how much time will be needed for their reports.  To keep Board meetings to a reasonable length (two to three hours). 
  • Stays abreast of the workings of all committees, facilitates the work of committees as needed, attends committee meetings as needed, and assigns tasks to the appropriate committee. 
  • Presides at the Annual Business Meeting that is open to the membership. 
  • Represents the Society at meetings of the Federation (CSWA) if the board decides that the Society should have attendance at the meeting.  It is the task of the President to interpret to the membership the benefits derived from the CSWA membership as these benefits are not always evident to members who have not attended Federation meetings. 
  • Informs the membership of Board activities through timely updates provided by email or speeches. 
  • Represents the Society, or appoints a representative to do so, in interactions with other professional organizations.   
  • Appoints the Vice-President as chair and serves as a member of the By-laws Committee.  The Bylaws mandate that a Committee be appointed every two years to review the Bylaws and recommend needed changes to the membership. 
  • Appoints Chairpersons of all special committees and appoints mid-term board positions with board member approval.
  • Stays familiar with the Bylaws and familiar with parliamentary procedure (i.e. Robert's Rules of Order).
  • Attends all Board meetings for one year as Immediate Past President, serving as a voting member of the Board and as a consultant.
  • During the Spring, reminds all outgoing officers and committee chairs to update the descriptions of their jobs in this Procedure Manual.
  • Sees that each new Board member receives a copy of the Procedure Manual, preferably by June 1 or before they begin their term of office.
  • Acknowledges outgoing board members’ service on the board.
  • Negotiates new contracts with the lobbyist as needed, in consultation with the Advocacy Chair and the Board.
  • Serves as the President of the Corporation of the NCSCSWPPE.
  • Raises money by contributions from members for the Policy and Public Education Fund in the amount needed for that year. 
  • Responsible for overseeing contract and work of the Administrator.
  • Responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships with the Social Work Schools on an annual basis.  The purpose of this is to stay connected to MSW students and their needs and educate the schools on the latest clinical climate.  
  • Provides a board orientation for new board members and connects them with another board member to serve as a board mentor as they get acquainted to the board
  • Create 5 social media posts per month and share to the Google Drive by the 1st of each month.  

Vice President - Currently held by Erica Smith, LCSW - who is running for a 2nd term


  • Attends all Board Meetings.
  • Presides in the President's absence at any Society function.
  • Serves as Chair of the Nominating Committee to elect board members annually.
  • Serves as the Chair of the committee to nominate the Board candidates for Social Worker of the Year.  
  • Assists the President in various projects and duties, both to gain experience in preparation for future responsibility and to help the President with the work load.
  • Serves as the Chairperson of the Bylaws Committee or appoints someone to act in this capacity.  The Bylaws Committee has the responsibility of reviewing the bylaws every two years and making recommendations for changes to the Board.  
  • Create 5 social media posts per month and share to the Google Drive by the 1st of each month.  

Ethics Chair - Currently held by Bethany Lindemuth, LCSW who is running for a 2nd term

Purpose:  To provide ethical updates  and information to members and make suggestions to the Board of Directors as needed in regards to ethical actions to be taken.


  •  Provides consultation to NCSCSW around current ethical guidelines, updates, and issues. 
  •  Helps the Program Committee plan the annual Ethics program.
  •  Hosts a book club 2 times per year
  •  Create 5 social media posts per month and share to the Google Drive by the 1st of each month.  

Communications Chair

Communications Chair - Purpose: To inform Clinical Social Workers of the existence of the Society, what the functions of the Society are, and the benefits it offers to members; to inform members of the training which is available; to offer communication among the members of the work being done by the committees and the professional issues in which they are involved; and to inform the membership of relevant professional issues in the community and interesting happenings within the membership.

Assists the admin with:

  • Producing monthly newsletter
  • Keeping members informed of committee and board activities
  • Keeping website up to date with content
  • Accept new requests and send out requests to relevant community members on Linked In each month.  Like relevant content and engage with relevant posts.
  • Sharing IG posts to Linked In
  • Create 5 social media posts per month and share to the Google Drive by the 1st of each month.

Student Rep. 

Purpose: To act as liaisons between the NCSCSW and graduate social work students at NC Universities and Colleges.  The position of Student Representative to the NCSCSW Board of Directors is available to currently enrolled graduate students in an accredited MSW program within the state of NC.  The students are selected at the end of the academic year from among those students who have expressed interest in serving and have been suggested to the Board by faculty or Society members.  A maximum of two students from each graduate school may be elected by the Board.  (Students are non-voting members of the Board).


  • Attends NCSCSW meetings.
  • Distributes materials and announcements to interested students and faculty.
  • Serves as a point of contact for prospective student members of the NCSCSW.
  • Participates in the work of a Society committee.  Students should let the relevant committee chair(s) know of their interest in that committee at the first Board meeting of the academic year or as soon thereafter as possible. 
  • Meets at least twice a semester with the NCSCSW faculty liaison from their MSW program to:
  1. Brainstorm about ways to educate students about NCSCSW
  2. Generate ways to support each other in their roles
  • Increases student awareness of and involvement with NCSCSW by:
  1. Developing and distributing and NCSCSW informational brochure
  2. Holding information sessions once each semester
  3. Regularly distributing general information about NCSCSW activities
  4. Organizing a brown bag lunch for students with a guest speaker from NCSCSW

 Member At Large

  • Member at Large is a position to support the board.  
  • Member at large will participate in all board meetings.
  • Member at large will support all positions as needed.
  • Create 5 social media posts per month and share to the Google Drive by the 1st of each month.    


1 year positions up for election:


The Secretary shall record the minutes of each meeting (roughly using Robert's Rules of Order), and send them to the board within 1 week of the board meeting. The Secretary reads the previous meeting minutes at the next regular board meeting, for approval.

 Advocacy Chair

The Committee Chair takes primary responsibility for maintaining the clinical social work presence and visibility in mental health policy making. The Committee Chair shall take the lead in the committee reviewing proposed state and federal legislation and recommend to the Board of Directors programs of action in relating to legislation relevant to clinical social work and shall coordinate and direct social work licensing efforts. The Committee will educate insurance and managed care companies about our professional expertise and ethical underpinning, and advocate for our inclusion as independent providers.  The Committee will serve as an informational liaison between business and industry and Society membership and represent clinical social work at the Joint Insurance Committee meetings.

Please send all nominations to [email protected]