It's time for our annual call for nominations! Board positions are elected on alternate years for two-year terms. Terms begin on July 1st, 2021. This year's slate will join the board positions who will be up for election in 2022.  Self nominations are highly encouraged! The current positions (2021 to 2023) that we will begin accepting nominations for are: 

President: The President oversees and coordinates the functioning of NCSCSW. This includes formatting and articulating goals and priorities. The President also presides over all board meetings and plans the agenda. They will also stay abreast of the workings of all committees, facilitate the work of committees as needed, attend committee meetings as needed, and assign tasks to the appropriate committee.  
Vice President: The Vice President assists the President in various projects and duties, including chairing board nominations, bylaws, and Social Worker of the Year. The Vice President also presides in case of the President's absence at any NCSCSW function. 

Ethics Chair: The elected chair of the Ethics Committee will lead the committee, whose role is to inform and further educate membership about ways the NASW Code of Ethics can be applied in clinical social work settings and ethical dilemmas.  The Ethics Chair does not provide individual ethical consultations.  The Ethics Chair will contribute articles and content regarding current ethical issues for NCSCSW’s blog posts, social media, and newsletters, will collaborate with the Programs Committee to organize the annual Ethics Conference, facilitate a monthly book club on an ethical topic, and will make suggestions to the Board of Directors as needed in regards to ethical actions to be taken.
Communications and Marketing Chair: The elected chair will lead the Communications and Marketing Committee and collaborate with NCSCSW’s Marketing Specialist and Administrator to ensure that content for newsletters, social media, and the NCSCSW website reflect NCSCSW’s mission and values.  The chair will also inform Clinical Social Workers of the existence of the Society, what the functions of the Society are, and the benefits it offers to members; inform members of the training that is available; offer communication among the members of the work being done by the committees and the professional issues in which they are involved.

Advocacy Chair:  The role of the Advocacy Chair includes advocacy, education, and networking with insurance companies, LCSW’s, and the public.  The Committee shall also coordinate and direct social work licensing efforts as well as advocate for Clinical Social Workers in legislation. The Committee members also serve as the Clinical Society’s PAC (Professional Association Council) and JIC (Joint Insurance Committee) representatives. 

Secretary:The Secretary maintains a record of board meeting activities by taking minutes at each board meeting and sending to the President for approval following each meeting.

Membership Chair: The Membership Chair works closely with the administrator to coordinate member recruitment and retention. The Chair also supports the organization by doing outreach at social work programs.

Mentorship Chair:The Mentorship Chair responds to the needs of MSW students and new graduates by linking them to experienced clinical social workers who provide guidance and help, as well as further their clinical education.

Two Members at Large:Members at Large participate in NCSCSW board meetings and sit on one of the Society committees.  Member at Larges are voting board members and are expected to serve on one of the committees.

Student Representative:  One student representative from each local MSW program will attend NCSCSW meetings, provide suggestions and feedback from the perspective of a student, and attend NCSCSW trainings.

Please email your nominations or any questions you have to [email protected]