Exploring the Ethical Dimensions of Animal-Assisted Interventions

2018 Annual Ethics Workshop

Whether you have been asked to provide a letter of support for a client requesting pet accommodations, or volunteered with a therapeutic riding program, or brought your own pet to work, chances are good that you have encountered non-human animals in the clinical sphere.  As pets become ubiquitous – and animals become more integrated in medical and behavioral healthcare — it is critical that therapists understand how animals shape clinical interventions and outcomes.

This workshop will clarify what working animals do, where they may lawfully go, and how therapists can support human-animal relationships in practice.  The evolution of animal-assisted interventions (AAIs) and the current evidence related to their efficacy will be explored, and the legal definitions related to working (versus companion) animals will be reviewed.

Because animal-related interventions are not without risk, the most common ethical issues arising out of AAIs will also be presented alongside a procedural standard of care to guide clinical decision-making

Date: Saturday April 28, 2018

Location: UNC School of Social Work, Chapel Hill


9:00 Registration Opens, join us for coffee and snacks

9:30 Opening remarks and NCSCSW Annual Meeting

10:00-12:00 Annual Ethics Workshop