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Working with Bicultural Clients: Clinical Considerations in Identity Exploration
Saturday, October 22, 2022, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
Category: Virtual Trainings

Title: Working with Bicultural Clients: Clinical Considerations in Identity Exploration

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain a rich understanding of identity integration
  • Obtain a better understanding of interpersonal and family dynamics in the bicultural experience
  • Identify specific life areas to explore in session
  • Determine predictors for mental health outcomes
  • Discover the theoretical approaches and foundations that may be most effective
  • Acquire communication tactics and resources to share with your bicultural clients

Training Description:

The recent influx of immigration to the US has naturally led to a population increase of US-born children with immigrant parents. Bicultural individuals undertake the complex task of constructing identities drawn from dual, and sometimes multiple, cultural foundations. With immigration to the US on the rise, mental health professionals face a new dimension in providing culturally-informed and centered practices. The increased mental health needs in this growing population becomes a pressing matter in clinical understanding of the internal and external experiences of bicultural individuals. This training sheds light on recent research and clinical best practices, including specific factors associated with healthy bicultural identity integration. Participants will learn areas to uncover with their bicultural clients, therapeutic approaches, and exploration tactics and techniques.

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Mona Nour, PhD (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor who has held numerous roles over the last 20 years in consulting, counseling, advising, administration, and teaching in higher education settings. Her research and scholarship focus on bicultural identity development and integration, college student engagement, and belonging. Her clinical areas of focus include sense of belonging, along with identity development, integration, and shedding. Dr. Nour has served as a higher education administrator and consultant to revamp college programs, specifically regarding culturally-centered curriculum development, policy, and procedures aimed at fostering student development both academically and psychosocially. She has presented at numerous state and regional conferences, and has conducted student experience studies both internationally and locally. She has co-authored book chapters on culturally-centered practices when working with Arab American individuals, couples, and families in various counseling settings, and currently serves as an author and co-editor for a book on counseling mixed heritage college students. Dr. Nour serves as an adjunct professor at local universities, and currently owns a group private teaching practice aimed at providing mental health access to historically marginalized and minoritized communities.

Contact: [email protected]