Meet Dr. Patrick Jeffs

NCSCSW looks forward to our September 13th training, “Introduction to Public Speaking for Social Workers and Behavioral Health Clinicians.” We had the opportunity to see Dr. Jeffs present at our Opioid Training last year. Dr. Jeffs is a seasoned therapist and public speaker. Dr. Jeffs has started The Resiliency Solution, which offers a variety of services including consulting, coaching, and training. He has extensive experience with public speaking and training.
We had the opportunity to learn more about Dr. Jeffs. Please check out our interview below!

Can you describe more of your clinical background? How did you to becoming an LPC, then getting your Ph.D.? 

My career started in management but I left the business industry after 4 years to find a way to give back to world. At that time I was serving as a mentor for young men and being encouraged to pursue counseling full time. Throughout my Master’s training, my internships were heavily focused on substance abuse working with a small substance use department and in the  Multicultural Affairs department at the university. I then left Michigan for Massachusetts and worked for 2 separate boys residential treatment schools. One school was across the border in New York was consistently listed on the Top 10 most dangerous schools in the country list. Needless to say, systemic trauma was at the heart of the work that I was doing. Feeling under prepared for this level of trauma and wanting to figure out ways to resolve systemic trauma, my wife, Kim Jeffs, and I then moved to Chapel Hill to pursue my PhD. Throughout that process I worked in several placements ranging from teaching counseling, career counseling, researching consulting, and supervising counselors in training. After graduation I moved into private practice and began the 3-year certification training in Somatic Experiencing. In the summer of 2015, Kim and I started NC Center for Resiliency to grow the reach of somatic trauma healing in the area.

Where did your passion for education/training? 

I have often felt courageous in front of large crowds of people. This means that I’m often nervous but find value in the pursuit and have learned strategies to make this easier. Add to that, education was a high priority in my house growing up and teaching is an obvious choice. My parents were not overly educated but they both saw education as a place that would create options for a better life that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Teaching mental and emotional health aligns so many of my values and serves as a constant inspiration on how to engage with others. I don’t pretend to be overly original or thoughtful, I just feel privileged to share what I’ve learned and over the years, and have found a fairly good way to communicate these things. I was on track to be a full-time Counseling Educator during my PhD program but fell in love with Chapel Hill and didn’t want to pursue the tenure-track world that would take me all over the country. I’ve been fortunate to find ways to teach adjunct and ultimately created my own teachings through The Resiliency Solution.

What are your hobbies? 

Creating symmetry between work and the rest of my life as been essential for my own resiliency. I see my work as inspiring, fun, and truly find joy in researching and engaging the passion for my work. I start most mornings with a very early morning run (Up at 4:15a). This really serves to regulate myself for whatever I might encounter in a day. I’ve participated in triathlons for the last 15 years and recently have moved into the world of ultra-running. This year I’ve been training to run from one side of the Grand Canyon to the other, and back. In 1 day. This also means that activities like yoga and nutrition are hobbies as well to remain sustainable. I also spend most of my free time with Kim and our two young girls. We spend most of our time as a family in the woods, traveling, and overall staying active.

I started The Resiliency Solution after over a decade realizing how important making systemic change was. Over the last few years, I have been translating everything I’ve learned in the world of trauma, research, business, and learning to deliver impactful resiliency training programs. Over the last year, clients included Chief District Court Judges, health care CEO’s, county DSS workers, and other healthcare and government workers. I also have a full suite of online training courses that have proved as successful in reaching those that might not otherwise have access to this level of content. Many have also used these courses to supplement their own mental health work with their own social worker or counselor. The Resiliency Solution’s primary focus is to assist organizations increase capacity, connection, and productivity, and addresses workplace concerns such as chronic stress, burnout and fatigue. We accomplish this through a multitude of options including in-person trainings, organizational consulting, and individual and team coaching.

Dr. Jeffs is a sponsoring partner of Wellfest, a wellness festival hosted by Durham magazine, in Durham, September 7-8.  He will be conducting a session on Workplace Resilience as well as leading participants through a “How to Unplug” session during the Dinner with Roots on the 7th at 21c Museum Hotel.

He also creates online resiliency training programs:

You can also learn more about his resiliency training, consulting, and coaching through: