New Insights and Methods for Working with Grief and Loss – Beyond Kubler-Ross

Saturday November 4, 2017     9:00-12:30

Extraordinary Ventures 200 S. Elliott Rd, in Chapel Hill

led by  Jennifer Kreimer, LPC, RPT, CCLS

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The ability to accept and integrate loss in meaningful ways is crucial to one’s continued development and sense of well-being.

Incomplete mourning can be at the heart of impasses with our clients and may be an overlooked aspect of treatment. This workshop will deepen our sensitivity and provide direction and new skills for supporting clients in their mourning process.

Our presenter, Ms. Jennifer Kreimer, will provide an overview of grief models with an emphasis on William Worden’s Four Tasks of Grief. Techniques for navigating the “tasks” will be presented along with a guided reflection on our own experiences with loss and grief.

The examples used in the presentation are of children’s experiences and will, also, inform our work with adults. Participants will receive printed material of the presentation and an extensive guide of strategies to assist with the tasks of mourning.

Participants will:

  • Gain a basic understanding of various grief models
  • Describe William Worden’s Four Tasks of Mourning and how they relate to losses experienced by children, teens and adults in your practice.
  • List 2-3 practical strategies for each task that can be utilized by children, teens and adults experiencing a death/loss.
  • Enhance their understanding of the four tasks through participation in the guided personal reflection

This event offers 3 hours of continuing education credit.


Jennifer Kreimer has a Masters’ of Science in Counselor Education from NCSU. She has assisted children and families in their grief process for over 30 years through her work at WakeMed Health & Hospitals and Transitions LifeCare. She currently has a private practice in Cary while continuing her work with Transitions. She has presented for the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, the Child Life Specialists’ National Conference, the UNC School Counseling Department and other school counselor groups.

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