Workshop: Mentalization

Margaret Arnd-Caddigan, Ph.D, LCSW
Mentalization-Based Therapy
Friday, November 4, 2016  2:00-4:00
Lunch (optional and preordered) 1:00

Mentalization involves the ability to perceive and understand thoughts and feelings in ourselves and in others in order to stabilize the sense of self and enhance emotions and relationships. In Mentalization-based therapy, developed by Peter Fonagy and Anthony Bateman, mentalization becomes the focus.  Mentalization-based therapy has been helpful in working with people facing a variety of challenges including trauma, borderline personality disorder, interpersonal difficulties, and eating disorders.

img_arnd-caddiganMargaret Arnd-Caddigan, PhD., LCSW, is Associate Faculty in the School of Social Work at East Carolina University. She is also Associate Faculty at the Psychoanalytic Education Center of the Carolinas, Co-director of the Greenville Psychoanalytic Study Group, and has a private practice in Greenville, North Carolina. She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals such as Families in Society, Psychoanalytic Social Work, and Clinical Social Work Journal, among others.