It's time for our 2024 Elections. Please submit your nominations no later than May 30th. Polls will then open June 7th and will remain open for 1 week, closing on June 14th. Elected board members will then be alerted via individual email, and then announced in our July newsletter. Elected members are strongly encouraged to attend our in-person board retreat on Sat. July 20th (details to be announced closer to the date). 

Requirements for ALL Board Officers/Chairpersons: 

  • Officers must be fully licensed LCSW holders
  • Terms are 2 year terms. (This. year there are 2 positions that have remained open, thus have 1 year left on their term)
  • Must be a member of NCSCSW
  • Board members are to attend a minimum of 9 out of our 11 annual meetings. (We currently meet on the 3rd Thu. of the month from 6:30-8, but this can be up for vote at the onset of each new board.) 

Things to note:

The NCSCSW board is made up 100% of VOLUNTEERS. If you see them giving a CE presentation, they do that for free as board officers/members are not allowed to be paid. If you see them organizing events - they volunteered for these positions and roles! WE NEED YOU! We need more volunteers who are able and willing to support the organization and this field in growing and ensuring are members are informed and provided with resources. 

We are NOT NASW. We support and encourage you to get involved in NASW IF you are looking for immediate legal support, immediate advocacy opportunities and/or folks who are paid to provide more immediate answers to your questions. 


Nominate yourself for a position! We'd love to have you!! Our current board has been stepping up and filling in positions as best we are able, but we would LOVE to have your support. If you don't feel quite ready for a full officer position. Feel free to join a committee! We will send more info out about committee's, after we see what positions have been filled. 

As always, thank you for reading our emails, attending trainings, and voicing your needs and opinions. We are hoping to create more meaningful trainings, and connection opportunities in the coming months and years.  

2 year positions up for election:



  • Maintains records of receipts/documentation for expenses.
  • Pays any outstanding bills via check or online billpay (payment duties can be delegated as needed by the Administrator), which are usually mailed or emailed to the Treasurer from the Administrator.
  • Records and writes checks needed (is the only one with the check book and will write checks as needed such as Program Committee speakers and other bills needing checks that Administrator is not able to take care of via online payment or debit card) 
  • Monitors the bank account activity on a monthly basis via online services and keeps track of online banking username and password as well as security question answers.
  • Keeps track of the three debit cards on file. (One card is kept by the Administrator, Treasurer, and President).
  • Report to the Board of Directors the status of all accounts. (The Administrator can create P&L statements to send.)
  • Works with the President and Membership Chair to make decisions on requests for irregular status re: dues and membership.
  • Opens and monitors new accounts as needed (such as scholarship funds).
  • Advises board on financial decisions facing the Board.
  • Develops the Society’s budget for each fiscal year after conferring with committee chair to ascertain fiscal needs. This budget is presented to the Board for its approval before July 1st.
  • Transfers any additional monies to savings account following the acceptance of the annual budget.
  • Transfers the check signing abilities at the end of the two year term.
  • Submits books for audit on an annual or bi-annual basis (according to the rules for 501C6’s).
  • Revise position description before leaving office.

Membership Chairperson

Purpose: To recruit new members & retain current members 


  • Membership chair will coordinate at least one event per quarter (networking event, 

    vendor table, Instagram Live).\
  • Works closely with the Administrator to coordinate the member recruitment and retention 

  • Recruits new members by identifying venues for outreach at various locations, such as 

    outside workshops, colleges, and events, and coordinates members get-togethers at various times throughout the year.
  • Build a relationship with more schools outside the triangle/across the state (admin keeps 

    a college contacts list)
  • Makes recommendations for Society representation at that venue.

  • Solicits board members to attend those events, and e-mails a checklist to 

    the board member(s) prior to the event, which delineates what the representative needs to bring to the event, including brochures and membership materials, and a contact sheet for people to sign indicating interest in knowing more about the NCSCSW.
  • The Membership Committee is responsible for coordinating one annual function that serves to educate graduate Social Work students about the Society in order to enhance their involvement. This is typically Nuts and Bolts, a panel put together to educate students about different areas of focus for social work.
  • Supports board members who do outreach at schools of social work, such as the Nuts and Bolts workshop, and speaking in the classrooms about the Society at various Universities as needed. 
  • Revise position description before leaving office.

Program Chairperson

Purpose: To provide quality training at a manageable rate


  • Decides on areas of interest and speakers. Considers what topics have been presentedrecently and aim for diversity.
  • It is helpful for one committee member to act as the point person between committee and speaker.
  • Contacts speaker and determines their interest. 
  • Sets the time, date and number of hours for each event, building in time for announcements and breaks.
  • Locates venue, provides information for administrator to market the event and create registration, manages food and beverage.
  • The Program Committee usually plans 3-4 continuing education programs a year depending on interest, availability, and continuing education plans of other disciplines in the area.
  • The Committee works closely with the Administrator who handles most of the online tasks: marketing, registration, and copies materials needed by speakers.
  • Attends in person events & training to carry out a variety of tasks. 

Student Rep. 

Purpose: To act as liaisons between the NCSCSW and graduate social work students at NC Universities and Colleges.  The position of Student Representative to the NCSCSW Board of Directors is available to currently enrolled graduate students in an accredited MSW program within the state of NC.  The students are selected at the end of the academic year from among those students who have expressed interest in serving and have been suggested to the Board by faculty or Society members.  A maximum of two students from each graduate school may be elected by the Board.  (Students are non-voting members of the Board).


  • Attends NCSCSW meetings.
  • Distributes materials and announcements to interested students and faculty.
  • Serves as a point of contact for prospective student members of the NCSCSW.
  • Participates in the work of a Society committee.  Students should let the relevant committee chair(s) know of their interest in that committee at the first Board meeting of the academic year or as soon thereafter as possible. 
  • Meets at least twice a semester with the NCSCSW faculty liaison from their MSW program to:
  1. Brainstorm about ways to educate students about NCSCSW
  2. Generate ways to support each other in their roles
  • Increases student awareness of and involvement with NCSCSW by:
  1. Developing and distributing and NCSCSW informational brochure
  2. Holding information sessions once each semester
  3. Regularly distributing general information about NCSCSW activities
  4. Organizing a brown bag lunch for students with a guest speaker from NCSCSW

 Member At Large (2 Openings)

  • Attends NCSCSW meetings.
  • Participate in Board Activities
  • Identify and plan for the needs of the members
  • Join a committee of their choosing or of greatest need for the board
  • Revise position description before leaving office.

1 year positions up for election:


Purpose: To maintain a record of board meeting activity. 


  • Takes minutes at each Board Meeting or has a back up person take them if Secretary is absent from the meeting.
  • Sends the minutes to the President (and Vice-President if President was not at the board meeting) for approval.
  • Upon approval, sends to the President for distribution to the board along with anannouncement of the next Board meeting date, time,  and location.
  • Puts a copy of the minutes in the google drive using the NCSCSW Secretary’s G-mail Account.
  • Revise position description before leaving office.

Advocacy Chair

Purpose: The role of the Committee includes advocacy, education, and networking with insurance companies, LCSW’s, and the public. The Committee shall also coordinate and direct social work licensing efforts as well as advocate for Clinical Social Workers in legislation. The Committee members also serve as the Clinical Society’s PAC (Professional Association Council) and JIC (Joint Insurance Committee) representatives.


  • Actively participates in the Joint Insurance Committee (JIC) meetings and works to maintain clinical social workers as vendors under public and private insurance programs.
  • Actively participates in Professional Association Council (PAC) meetings.
  • Communicates and networks with NASW-NC to work together on important insurance and legislative issues.
  • Meets regularly with representatives of insurance companies in fulfilling its directives in advocating for Clinical Social Workers.
  • Reviews proposed legislation and recommends to the Board of Directors needed action to take in relation to legislation relevant to clinical social work.
  • Maintains clinical social work licensing and protects clinical social workers’ capacity to practice and receive reimbursement without threat of exclusion by other disciplines and groups.
  • Works closely with NASW and their lobbyist and represents Clinical Society members at Professional Association Council meetings.
  • Keeps the membership up to date on any changes taking place in the insurance and legislative sectors, educating them about important changes before they affect practice.
  • Attempts to answer questions posed by the general membership about insurance and legislative issues.
  • Revise position description before leaving office.

Please send all nominations to [email protected]