The Advocacy Committee provides representation for clinical social workers at the Professional Association Council and Joint Insurance Committee meetings. It is in charge of staying informed of state and federal legislation and insurance issues that affect clinical social workers.

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Professional Association Council (PAC)

The Professional Association Council (PAC) is composed of representatives of licensed professional associations and is committed to a stronger system for North Carolinians living with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and addictive disorders. The Council represents a voice for licensed professionals and provides an avenue for dialogue among its interdisciplinary group of professionals, and also with external stakeholders such as the Department of Health and Human Services, the General Assembly, and the Council of State. PAC takes on such issues as access to care, clinical supervision, credentialing, high quality outpatient care, adequate rates and compensation, and workforce development.

Joint Insurance Committee (JIC)

One of our members attends and represents the Clinical Society at the Joint Insurance Committee (JIC) meetings held in the community. The JIC is a collaborative policy/advocacy committee that has representatives from each of the independent practitioner groups including: the NC Psychiatric Association, the NC Psychological Association, the NCSCSW, The NC- National Association of Social Workers (NC-NASW) and the NC Advance Practice Nurses of the Nurses Association. The JIC meets monthly to discuss issues pertaining to managed care, insurance policy, changes in representative insurances, the State Health Plan, and other issues pertaining to reimbursement for consumers and practitioners. The Group has been influential in establishing consensus among practitioner groups and lobbying for mental health benefits for consumers and practitioners since the 1980's. This Committee has spearheaded and coordinated the efforts to advance certification, then licensure and insurance reimbursement for Clinical Social Workers since 1983.

NCSCSW Press Releases

  • HB516: NCSCSW Press Release Supporting Ban on Conversion "Therapies"

NCSCSW announces it's support of HB516 and the LGBT community with Equality NC, Born Perfect Campaign, and Campaign for Southern Equality. To read our April 22, 2019 Press Release click this link.

NCSCSW Position Papers

  • HB516: NCSCSW Supports Ban on Conversion "Therapies"

NCSCSW partners with Equality NC, Born Perfect Campaign, and Campaign for Southern Equality to support HB516; Legislation to ban the use of conversion therapies with minors and adults with disabilities. To read this important statement click this link.

NCSCSW Other Advocacy

  • HB516: NCSCSW Initiates Letter of Support for NC Mental Health Clinicians

NCSCSW reaches out to NC psychotherapists and counselors to demonstrate to legislators the importance of banning conversion therapy. As the experts in the area of mental health diagnoses and treatment, we felt our voices were vital to an understanding of this issue. To read the letter and the local therapists that signed on in support click this link.

If you are interested in becoming involved with this committee, please contact the Advocacy Committee Chair by sending an email to [email protected]