The Election

The election is over, and the results are in. Reactions range from grief to elation, fear to hope. Some feel exhausted, bewildered, and defeated. Others see opportunity for positive change. The election also brings a great deal of uncertainty about what to expect as we go forward. It seems all but certain that the ACA and immigration policy, to name two, will change. I want you to know that NCSCSW will be your ally as we face changes in policies, laws, and regulations that impact us and the people we advocate for. We will continue to be your voice, and we want to hear your voices too. Let us know your ideas and concerns so that we can support you better.

Laura Groshong of the Clinical Social Work Association reminded us this week that nothing should or will  change our “need to respect and fight for the value of all human lives.” That is what we do, regardless of the particular political environment of the day. Remember that activists have had to persuade politicians of both major parties to "evolve" on gay marriage. That is where our effectiveness lies – to educate and advocate. As one of our members told me, 'I am not quite ready for action, but I can see that very soon I will be.' We all will be, and we will do it together.

Ron Begley, LCSW

NCSCSW President

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